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Punsk commune

        Puńsk municipality is situated in the North East of Poland, in Podlasia Voivodship, Sejny district, in the North East of the Suvalkija lake cluster, which is a part of the lake cluster of Lithuania. The municipality borders the Republic of Lithuania in the North East, Szypliszki municipality in the West, Krasnopol municipality and Sejn municipality in the South. The closest cities are Suwałki in 30 km, Augustów in 60 km, Białystok in 150 km, Warsaw in 300 km, Marijampolė in 45km ,Kaunas in 100km, Vilnius 190 km. Puńsk municipality has the area of over 13,837 ha. There is the town of Puńsk and 33 villages in Puńsk municipality.
        According to the statistical data of 2004 Puńsk municipality has the population 4,624, while the 2002 census showed the population of 4,454 of the municipality. This difference accounts for some part of the population that left the municipality to work abroad. Punsk itself has the population of about 1,050. About 75% of the population in the District are of Lithuanian origin.
         The main source of income for the population of Puńsk municipality is agriculture. 685 Farmers registered their farms here. The population of about 1,120 of the municipality work in the farms. The countryside tourism is rapidly developed in Puńsk municipality, and there are 8 countryside recreation homesteads already registered here.
Puńsk municipality has no developed industry and is dominated by agriculture Voivodship, which also included Puńsk municipality, produces 25 % of the total milk of Poland.
In 2005 Puńsk municipality had 186 economic entities, the majority( 74%) comprising individual companies. The majority of the companies in the municipality specialize in retail and services(31.72%), construction(5.38%) and transportation(3.76%).
In 2005 there were no direct foreign investments in Puńsk municipality. However, the strategy of development of Podlasia Voivodship until 2010 emphasizes that the development of this Voivodship should be active and gradual,making use of natural conditions, traditions of multi culture society and possibilities of its position in the frontier region.
       In Puńsk municipality business development is arranged through the municipality, which actively communicates with various consulting organizations assisting in the preparation of training for businessmen. Meetings are arranged with representatives of the municipality free of charge information is provided to businessmen on business development possibilities and to the persons intending to initiate their know business,assistance is provided to contacting the Polish and foreign business partners.

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